Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Woman has red face paint and white triangles with blue dots on cheeks, upper lips and forehead. Eyes are surrounded with yellow and surrounded with polka dogs of blue and white. She has no body painting. Headpiece has extended height with cane or bamboo frame on which multiple layers of bird feathers are attached. The brown and tan striped tail feathers are from the hornbill bird. The orange feathers are from the bird of paradise, bower bird and parrot. A headband of woven dyed cane strips has a geometrical pattern and rows of glass beads. Each woman wears armbands with a variety of leaves. Wristbands are skins from the cuscus possum mammal. Necklaces are made of large cowrie shells, dog's teeth, Job's tears seeds, and glass beads. A giant bailer shell covers the stomach. Men and women wear crimped pandanus palm leaves hanging from the waist. Men use knee bands and some body paints. Ends of the hollow hour—glass shaped log drums called kundus are covered with animal skins. Skirts are made from dried pandanus leaves cut into strips. Men wear knee bands and some body paint. Some of the men have decorated their backs with words.
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