Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Simplicity of this Highlander's facial and body decorations are somewhat unusual for presentation at a sing sing. His face is painted bright red from the forehead to the bottom of his nose and cheeks to a yellow line from one cheek to the other. From cheeks to jaw he is painted with black charcoal. His necklace is composed of pieces of moss strung on a single strand. His headdress, typically 5—layered, is partially covers his netted wig of human hair, then small purple under wings of the Black—capped Lory. The next layer of the headdress is a head band of yellow and orange—dyed woven plants. Rather dull light brown and white striped tails of any of the various PNG goshawks are interspersed with a few casually arranged orange parrot feathers.
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