Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
In some of the tribes, conforming to colors, fabrics, face painting and body decorations for a sing—sing, ceremony, wedding, or payback may differ widely. Men and women dance together in this highlands group. Women wear a short skirt made from dried river grasses. The men wear cloth aprons made from pounded tree bark that has been decorated with lines of blue dye. How much of the face is painted with charcoal varies from a swath across the cheeks to half of the face. Red paint surrounds the eyes with a yellow lines separating the red from the black. All of the dancers grease their bodies with either pig's fat or tree oil. Hats vary. Some are cuscus marsupial skin. Others are tall wigmen style hats made of their hair. Some wear full birds. Others wear feathers, mostly of the various birds of paradise. Each plays a kundu, hour—glass shaped wooden drums with ends covered with skin from a snake, lizard or mammal.
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