Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Walindini Hotel near Haus Tambaran
Yentchen, Middle Sepik, Papua New Guinea
Frontal image of Walindini hotel, sign on front read, "Welcome to Walindini Village Style Guest House"

Woven exterior, thatched roof, carved and colorful mask at top under eaves.

The small Walindini Hotel in the Yentchen Village identifies its simple accommodations with a sign printed in English. Infrequently back packers stay overnight. It sits near the large two—story haus tambaran (spirit house). Each has a bright orange, yellow, white, and black walesagi (spirit face) that sits in the center of the gables. The walesagi are faces of ancestors who taught the tribe long ago. Typical of the stilt houses, the hotel uses its ground level area for storage. A wood ladder is needed to enter the building. Roof overhangs give some shade but the weather is hot and humid.
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