Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Two young women of unidentified Highlands tribes are decorated differently. Except for the many necklaces both at the neck and on their chests, their body dress and headdresses are very different. The one on the left wears a headband of several layers of the same white beads and white dots of paint covering her nose, cheeks and forehead. Her head is covered with inverted black tail feathers. Her chest piece of dyed strips of leaves hangs from rows of more white beads. Her waistband of multiple layers of the same beads holds up the skirt of palm tree strips. The one on the right covers her chest only with myriads of white beads. Her headdress is made of pounded tree bark that covers a frame that supports the additional height of various feathers. She wears a few green leaves to her knees and an empty bilum bag hangs from her waist to the ground.
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