Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Men of the Fore tribes (formerly called Moke) from the Okape district of the Eastern Highlands dressed for the Sing sing. Each wears the same colors in the face makeup: bright red around the eyes and underlined with yellow. The nose is bright yellow, usually from turmeric. Their cheeks are blackened with charcoal. Their beards are covered with white chalk. Some wear bones through their noses. Like many Highlander tribes, they wear large wigs from hair that is collected from family members and added to their own. They top their wigs with large headbands intricately woven of strips of colored grasses. On top they wear the fur of tree kangaroos and cuscus marsupials. Each man wears a pendant symbolic of his money and payback. Some wear the moka kina breast plate with a white kina shell that is backed with red fabric. Others wear kina shells along with bamboo strips.
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