Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Yam House #2, Weaving of Thatch
Nabwegeta Island, Papua New Guinea
Amphlett Group:

Color image of a yam house with thatched roof, woven fibre wrapped around base, on stilts. Yams hang around and from the yam house. Minimally decorated. Green grass below on ground. Other structures in the background.

Close—up of a second yam storage house at harvest time at the village of Nabwegeta, of the Amphlett group of small islands north of the D'Entrecasteaux group. It is a quickly and shoddily constructed house. The cupola form of the roof has no bamboo slats to keep the palm fronds neatly in place. There are no painted decorations. The skirt—like covering of interwoven strips of palm leaves is worn ragged at its bottom. The yams hang but with little thought to organization by size or shape. Next to the yam house, the owner's home is made of the same kind of construction. Visitors are rare because the bay waters have to be high enough for ships to avoid the many coral reefs and hidden grounds. The people are part of the Kula Ring trading cycle. Their pottery is highly desirable for household uses.
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