Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Make—shift markets are set up on streets leading to the Goroka festival in the Eastern Highlands. Items that are typically shown include the bilum bags made of knotted plant fibers, for carrying many things, including babies, vegetables, fruit, wood, household goods, and suckling pigs. Also, jewelry of kina and nassarius shells, trade beads, dog's teeth, boar's tusks, and braided fibers from plants and trees. Buka baskets, trays, coasters, and other items are woven from stems of Lygodium, a group of about 40 species of climbing ferns. All species have an elongate climbing rachis that has the capacity for indefinite growth often reaching lengths of several meters. It is uniform in diameter and extremely tough, wiry and durable. Women of various Highlands villages prepare and weave similar items.
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