Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Two Fore (formerly Moke) tribesmen from the Okapa District of the Eastern Highlands Province, stand in full ceremonial dress. Their tall headdresses comprise a series of headbands further layered with birds' feathers. The man on the right wears a headband with a single layer of green iridescent wings from the poisonous scarab beetle with a second of white nassarius shells. Black truncated tail feathers of a bower bird or a Macgregor's bird of paradise are mixed with orange tail feathers also of a bower bird of bird of paradise. White cockatoo feathers hang from his earlobes. His chest has a single pair of boar's tusks hanging from crossing strings of strings of tradestore beads. His armbands have crimped strips of palm leaves. His multiple bands of white glass tradestore beads hold up a few braided strips from plants. Both men paint their faces red with yellow lines beneath the eyes and over the cheeks.

Both men wear carefully trimmed beards and mustaches and paint their legs with yellow clay. Hanging from their backs are bilum bags that cover their backs from neck to their ankles. They carry pointed sticks.

Ritual funerary was carried out in which the women prepared brains of the deceased relatives to be eaten by the family. Kuru, a fatal disease was found to be the result in 1976 and subsequently outlawed.
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