Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Male Dancer
Trobriand Group, Kaibola Beach and Village, Kiriwina Island, Papua New Guinea
A male dancer walks on a bare dirt ground, carrying a raised wooden spear in his right arm. He wears a purple t—shirt, pig's tusk in his mouth, gauze leggings, painted hammered bark apron, armlets. Village scene in the background with housing structures and other villagers in nontraditional dress.

Trobriand Islands have a lowland rainforest on limestone straits.

Laundry hangs on the lower level of a house on Kaibola Beach in the village, on Kiriwina Island, in the Trobriand Group. A performer stands with his spear demonstrating his readiness to attack. His fierceness is emphasized with his boar's tusks at his lips. His face is painted with white clay. His tall headdress is multilayered with orchids, frangipani of various colors, grasses, a layer of plumes from the cassowary flightless bird. The final top is composed of white chicken feathers. His legs are bound with white cloth as are his ankles. His feet are also covered. His t—shirt and skirt are trade store items. Behind him are the typical open structures of housing and storage underneath.
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