Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A Central Highlands man of an unidentified tribe in Chimbu, the Highlands region province (also called Simbu) carries his bows and arrows in a lightweight bamboo rack on his back. Each arrow is decorated and reinforced with cane for strength. Because of its rugged mountainous terrain, Chimbu natural resources are limited. Through education, the young people are learning to compete with others beyond their own communities. This villager is ceremonially dressed for a celebration. His faced is painted with red on his nose, cheeks and body with long yellow marks and greased with pig's fat or tree oil to make his body shine. His headdress is composed from various whole birds and wings. His various necklaces are trade beads mixed with shells and boar's teeth. His waist band of Job's tears seeds has grasses attached for a front body covering. The same dried grasses hang down from his arm bands.
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