Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Sellers of Beetle nuts and yams
Alotau, Papua New Guinea
Two women and a young man sit along side the road selling root vegetables and beetle nuts that are displayed in bunches on a white cloth. Cross legged woman on right is wearing a yellow shirt and looks to her left. Other two figures are in two separate shades of blue shirts. The young man holds a stick. Green grass behind them beyond the dirt and gravel road.

Along the shore of Milne Bay Province's main town, Alotau, a market is set up hastily for any people arriving by sea or air. Betel nuts, limes, sugar cane, potatoes and yams are available. Little else. Betel nut is an acorn—size fruit of the areca palm tree. It is widely used in PNG, Southeast Asia, Melanesia, and portions of Micronesia as a mild pick—me—up. It is usually chewed together with powdered lime and the leaf of a particular vine to produce the mild stimulant effect. When chewed, it turns the mouth deep red and rots the teeth.
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