Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Artist with Two Figure Piece That We Bought
Lower Sepik, Angoram Village Market, Papua New Guinea
Man in black thunderbirds t—shirt holds a wooden carved sculpture in his left hand. Three children stand behind him.

An Angoram villager shows visitors a wood carving at the market. On it, one man carries another. Both have tattoos on their faces, arms, and bodies. A flying fox (fruit bat) at the bottom also has tattoos on its arm—like wings. Both of the human figures have boar's tusks piercing their nasal septums. Although the sculpture was purchased in Angoram at the village market, the carvings and double figures are characteristic of those made in Kambot village on the Keram River, a tributary of the Sepik River, and a day away on a canoe. The sculpture could have been traded to be sold.
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