Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Woven Exterior of Housing. Cooking Table Outside
Siassi Group, Malai Island, Papua New Guinea
Exterior view of a stilted and thatched roof housing structure with three people on the front portico/platform. Front of the house is covered in a patterned woven fiber. The corner of a second house is visible to the right side of the main house and the sea can be seen in the background. A table is in the foreground with cooking pots and a blue gallon jug container on it.

Wide trade with mainland is evident in the items purchased: metal rooftop of the porch of the house, plastic containers for storage, metal pots for cooking, glass bottles and western clothing worn by the persons sitting on the wood boards of their flooring that have been electronically cut at consistent size. The structure of the house has traditional woven coverings over the flat board walls. The usual one—story house uses support beams from nearby trees and ground level storage space for animals and supplies. The doorway faces away from the sea on Malai Island, one of the Siassi Group near the Vitiaz Strait.
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