Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Two Highlanders from the same tribe show one man in western shirt, slacks and shoes. The man on the left wears the tribal dressing that is not used in ceremonies: his human hair wig, a hammered bark apron, plant leaves at his waist, a bilum bag hanging from his shoulder and some face painting of yellow under his eyes and on his nose. His beard has bits of white clay. Turmeric is a yellow—orange powder derived from the turmeric plant used to adorn the skin and in some areas as a dye for bark cloth..It is also used to ward off insects as well as decoration. The wig is netted so that many decorative plants and feathers can be inserted. The bilum, made by the women but carried by men as well, is a net bag made of knotted plant fibers in which women carry vegetables, fruit, wood, household goods, babies and suckling pigs.
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