Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A close of two differently dressed Highlanders shows two periods of womanhood. To the left, a young woman wears simple regalia. Her brow band has a row of iridescent scarab beetles and cuscus fur to stabilize the headdress of the traditional 5 tiers. Her face is painted with a white line from ear to ear. Her shoulders and legs have meager white clay designs. Her breasts are bare except for the necklaces of banana seeds and small tufts of white fur. From a wide black waist band, she suspends strips of plants that have been dyed in lines of gray and white. The small apron is worn only in the front. In contrast, the other woman has a massive bride's necklace of boar's teeth and several kina shells. Both are symbols of her wealth that she brings to her marriage. Her 5—tiered headdress has two rows of bright orange bird feathers, interspersed with white fur from a cuscus topped off with white cockatoo feathers on each side of tall black tail feathers of the Astrapia. Her front skirt covers her from her waist to her feet.
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