Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Sellers from Boats, Canoe Sellers Visiting the Melanesian Discoverer, Mixture of Dress
Islands off of Trobriand Group, Papua New Guinea
Four canoes in the open water, carrying one or two individuals each along with various goods and foods.

These boats came to sell their goods to the passengers of the Melanesian Discoverer.

As the Melanesian Discoverer navigated the Milne Bay and into the Solomon Sea, villagers from many islands plied their wares. The two women in the front outrigger dugout canoe have fresh green fruit at the rear and wood scrapers and a large bailer shell at the front. The man in the middle canoe has fresh fruit, betel nuts and limes in the back. The third and fourth outriggers seem to come only out of curiosity of the tourists. They have nothing to sell.
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