Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A close—up of the mourning woman shows the back of many of her fellow tribesmen, from the Simbu province (officially named Chimbu). They cover their bodies and faces with half black charcoal and half white clay and rubbed with tree oil or pig's grease. Each wears a waist band of twisted and plaited plant fibers and a skirt of strips of dried plants. Head dresses are rather drab with pale brown plumage from the body of an immature cassowary, a huge flightless bird. The woman wears a black cloth over her head and shoulders. Her body is fully covered, half with white chalk and half with black charcoal without the shine from pig's grease or tree oil.. Her hair is covered with the short brown plumage of an immature cassowary. Her neckaces of Job's tears seeds symbolize mourning. Hanging from her waist might be the fingers of her dead husband? (check this out when I see the slides)
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