Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A Highlander woman's face is painted half yellow (probably from turmeric) and half charcoal black. She is adorned with much finery: red, black, pink and gray—white feathers of various birds of paradise; the shiny coarse black plumage of the flightless cassowary; and strands of dried grasses adding height to the many layers of her headdress that is supported by her brow band of the cuscus marsupial fur decorated at the bottom with iridescent green scarab beetles. Her necklaces with kina shells, cowries, boar's tusks and dog's teeth indicate her wealth. Her staff is topped with plumes from the bird of paradise. Decorated bark cloth covers her lower arms and upper arms. Two waistbands of glass beads hold up her skirt also covered with glass beads.
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