Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Village Dancers, Hastily Prepared Plants on Garments, Birds of Paradise Feathers on Headdresses
Madang: City and Village, Papua New Guinea
Side to the back side image of male dancers wearing bird of paradise feather headdresses, arm and ankle bands of plant materials, much of it green. and palm and grass skirts. Dancers hold or stand with tall narrow drums. Pig tusks hang from their necks in the front. There are two central figures in this image with other figures off to the right side and background.

Coastal villagers of Madang Province hastily prepare their ceremonial attire and body paint in anticipation of performing for the visitors who come ashore from boats. Their headdresses of many layers of headbands, feathers, and flowers are kept from one performance to another. The man on the left wears the white wings, head and body of a hooded goshawk or egret. He extends his headdress even higher with plumes from the Greater and Lesser birds of paradise. These are topped with the white breast feathers of possibly a harpy—eagle. His body attire is made up of fresh leaves from various trees. Necklaces crossing over his chest and back are made up of various seeds mixed with trade store beads. The man to his right has an equally elaborate headdress with layers of black and white wings interspersed with white ones. His kundu hour—glass shaped drum stands by his side. The forest behind them is in blooms of lilac, orange and yellow.
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