Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Yam House, Woman Sitting on Ledge.
Nabwegeta Island, Papua New Guinea
Amphlett Group:

Color image of a highly decorated, tall, narrow structure known as a yam house. A woman sits on the lower platform of the stilted structure.

A woman sits in front of a highly decorated yam house on Nabwegeta, of the Amphlett group of small islands north of the D'Entrecasteaux group. Competition is heavy at harvest time when everyone measures the size of their largest yams. The yam storage house proudly displays many of its yams among the exterior decorations in earth colors of orange, white and brown. The rounded roof cupola is braced with curved bamboo and covered with thatch from the nearby palm trees. Nearby frangipana trees are in full bloom. Visitors are rare because the bay waters have to be high enough for ships to avoid the many coral reefs and hidden grounds. The people are part of the Kula Ring trading cycle. Their pottery is highly desirable for household uses.
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