Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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50 cent Water Taxi. First visitors by boat for three months because of drought.
Kandangai, Middle Sepik, Papua New Guinea
Three canoes. The front canoe has two small children in it. The second canoe has two women (one stands while the second woman sits at the opposite end of the standing woman). Third canoe in the background between two stilt houses. A woman stands in the water nearby.

Three long undecorated canoes are manned by children in the shallow water. Stilts of the houses of Kandangai are higher than other villages of the 25 Iatmul fishing and horticultural villages along the lowlands of the Middle Sepik River because rising waters and flooding frequently keep the soil wet. Children operate the canoes as taxis and earn money or barter for products from people on various islands or villages nearby. Because of intense heat and humidity, the walls of the houses are scantily covered with thatch or river grasses. The first floor of each house is used for storage.
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