Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Melanesian Discoverer
East Cape, Papua New Guinea
A ship, the "Melanesian Discoverer" heads to the right as seen through two green tree boughs in the foreground. Cloudy sky above and ocean below. Ship says "Melanesian" along the side.

The Melanesian Discoverer has 21 staterooms. During the September 1996, about 20 tourists boarded. In order for passengers to get onto land from the ship, small flat boats, canoes or dinghies are used. These forms of transportation are used throughout the voyages in various the island groups. Over 435 islands (some with volcanoes), atolls, and coral reefs are scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean. The waters are difficult to navigate because of the small landmasses and shallow waters. On land the houses are almost hidden by the lush trees.
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