Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
These Highlanders do not seem to represent any single group. Skirts worn by both men and women do not match in colors or materials used. The woman's headdress has a white skin from either the cuscus marsupial or the tree kangaroo which is topped with dried river grasses. She wears a full animal skin on her chest and carries green plants and wears a few at her elbow. The man in the middle carries the same color combination on his brow band, in the feathers on his headdress and in the dyed stripes of his skirt. The man on the right splashes yellow clay or turmeric on his chest and arms. His headdress is composed of a black netted wig surrounded with brown and white striped tail feathers of a goshawk or buzzard. Only their facial paints of yellow and red lines across their cheekbones and noses are the same. Kundu hour—glass shaped drums are used throughout PNG.
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