Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Inside of Crocodile Canoe
Lower Sepik, Angoram Village Market, Papua New Guinea
Carved wooden crocodile canoe with human figures inside and on the sides. Four figures carved into the interior from waist up. Patchy grass beneath on the ground.

A close—up of the interior of the crocanoe, a dugout canoe with a crocodile bow is carved from a single trunk of a cedar tree. Many figures are carved lying down inside the boat that is more than six feet long. Its sides are carved with images of people and birds. It would appear that the boat is a ceremonial object because there is no room for a man to sit. On the Sepik River, crocodiles are both dangerous as killers and good for food and their hides to sell. In the world of the Sepik River, safe traveling is challenging. Roads are rare and the Sepik and its tributaries are winding and shallow.
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