Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Over 1000 tribes in Papua New Guinea. Many live in the mountains and valleys of the highlands. The Simbu province (officially named Chimbu) is located in the central highlands cordillera and shares boundaries with five provinces: Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands, Gulf and Madang. Both men and women of an unidentified tribe wear multiple—layered headdresses typical of many Highlands tribes. The woman on the right covers her hair with a headband made of dyed twisted plant strips that are dyed and twisted into geometrical patterns. The headband is topped with red—orange breast and wing feathers of the Vulturine parrot. Just behind her, a man's headdress is more extravagant, with more feathers and height. His parrot feathers are further topped with clusters of dried grasses and long black tail feathers of the. Both wear strands of necklaces. Hers are mostly trade store beads and nassarius shells. His is a kina shell. All 4 of the performers cover their chests with complete skins from a cuscus mammal or a tree kangaroo. Their skirts are strands of dried and dyed strips of plant leaves. Facial painting varied in decoration but the colors are red and yellow.
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