Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Immature Cassowry Bird, bad Temper
Upper Sepik, Manam Island, "Murik Lakes" Region, Papua New Guinea
Cassowary bird walking towards a tree trunk. Trees in the background. Green grass below.

A large flightless cassowary is an ostrich—like bird that is native to PNG and northern Queensland. The southern cassowary is considered the world's most dangerous bird. The distinctive black feathers of the cassowary are frequently employed by artists and dancers in PNG. The leg and body bones are used for making daggers and inserts for human noses and ritual adornment. It lives in the dense tropical rainforest and is the largest wild land animal on the island of New Guinea. On Manam Island off the Upper Sepik River in the Murik Lakes Region, people capture them and raise them particularly for their large plumage which they wear in their large ceremonial headdresses.
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