Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Inside Cultural Center Hut, Job's Tears Seed Necklaces, Kinas
Mt. Hagen Village Market, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Kina Shell and Job's Tears seeds necklaces hang from the interior wall of the Cultural Center.

In the Mt. Hagen Cultural Center in the Western Highlands Province, traditional items hang and lean against the walls. The top orange circles with crescent—shaped Gold lip shells and panels of bamboo bars that Melpa people (also called Medipa or Medlpa) use in a ceremonial event called the moka, an exchange process in which an individual male gives a gift to an individual. In return the recipient gives a gift back to that person, plus something more. Throughout their lives, that same partnership continues, building prestige for the one giving more than received. The bamboo strips attached to the pendant demonstrate wealth, traditionally in pigs. Further shown are strung necklaces of various berries, seeds, and shells.
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