Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Row of four men in traditional costume sit on the grassy ground. They wear feathered headdresses, armbands, skirts, and necklaces made of an assortment of plant fibers, feathers, shells, etc. All colorful. Two men in center have narrow drum laying in front of them, center left man has small child on his lap wearing a red plaid tunic or dress.
Other dancers sit behind them. They all face towards the left and appear to be watching.

Men from this Highlands tribe have individualized their facial designs and plumage on their headdresses. The man in the center of the photo covers his hair with the skin of a cuscus marsupial or a tree kangaroo. Below that he wears a brow band made up of green iridescent scarab beetles that are strung on plant fibers. A third headband pushes up his hair that is covered with a net and filled with black plumes from the cassowary, a large flightless bird, and red feathers from various bower birds or parrots. Two unidentified grey and black feathers hang from the center of his headdress where cut white wings are triangulated. Each man paints his face with red around the forehead and eyes. Yellow lines cross the upper cheeks. Small straight lines of white and red cover the nose. The beards have no charcoal or grease. On the left a father paints the lower two thirds of his face black and wears ceremonial clothing. The child wears a red dress.
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