Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Dei Dei Hot Springs— mountains
Dei Dei Hot Springs, Fergusson Island, Papua New Guinea
Landscape overlooking field with mountains in the background. A person's shoulder can be seen entering the photo from the right corner foreground. A person walks in the center of the image.

Fergusson Island has three mountain ranges with each having many rivers and streams and dense jungle. It is known for its very hot thermal springs with spouting geysers and extinct volcanoes. Fergusson Island is the largest of three in the D'Entrecasteaux group of islands in Milne Bay Province near the eastern tip of New Guinea in the Solomon Sea. Birds of paradise, hawks, eagles, parrots and lorikeets abound in the lush vegetation and mountains. Their calls are heard but most of the birds remain well hidden. Large bird wing butterflies of iridescent blues and greens land on passersby.
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