Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Girl Dancer's Back Decorations with Cowrie Shells, Kina Shell, Armlets, Flowers, Short Skirt of Unmarried Women
Siassi Group, Aromot Island, Papua New Guinea
Back side of a female dancer wearing a short red skirt, large and small shells, black arm bands, and a red ribbon head wrap. Image of from the knees of the female up to the top of her head.

A girl of Aromot Island, one of the small islands of the Siassi group, in the Vitiaz Straits, stands with her back to the visitors. She wears a traditional brief skirt, a waist band of twisted and braided plant fibers, black armbands made of hammered and dyed bark cloth. Her back is covered a black banana necklace that dangles a large grey kina shell, clam shells and flowers. Her shoulders and back are sprinkled with yellow turmeric powder. Tumeric has functions both to protect the body against mosquitoes and also to decorate.
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