Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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House and Outhouse at Sepik Edge
Dobu Island, Papua New Guinea
D'Entrecasteaux Group:

Color image taken off the shore line in the Sepik River. Sandy shore with thatched roof house with two smaller structures located on a pier into the water. Tropical forest behind.

Dobu Island is one of three islands in the D'Entrecasteaux group in Milne Bay Province near the eastern tip of New Guinea in the Solomon Sea. A few houses and storage buildings, raised on stilts to accommodate the rising waters that come seasonally, can be seen along the water's edge. Usually, homes are placed further among the trees in the dense jungle that climbs up the mountains. A small outhouse is constructed on a pier jutting into the sea. Mountains are visible in the background. Early anthropological studies of the people of Dobu were carried out by Bronislaw Malinowski and R.F. Fortune and later by Ruth Benedict.
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