Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Bowl, Made Upside Down, Carved Out, Low Fired, Heavy Weight
Trobriand Group, Kumwegeia Village, Papua New Guinea
Color image of a freshly fired round clay bowl. Smooth on the inside and out with a decorative rim on the upper exterior rim. Soot and ash are visible. It lays on the ground directly near the fire from where it came.

A low—fired bowl sits next to the ashes of a fire. It is made upside down and carved out. It is very heavy and unwieldy but sturdy. It was photographed in the village of Kumwegeia, on Kitawa Island, one of the small Trobriand group where kula trade was a tradition between the various island groups along the Solomon Sea. Much of the pottery is made on Amphlett Island.
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