Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
People of the Sinasina, capitol of the Yonggomugl district, live in the central highlands of the Simbu (Chimbu) Province. They live in high density, high in the mountains on ridges. They have a high possibility of getting pig—bell disease (porcine proliferate enteritis) a disease of young pigs in which the walls of the intestines lose villi, immature epithelial cells proliferate, and the lamina propria becomes inflamed, resulting in diarrhea and anorexia. It may become proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy that can be fatal. It is a now preventable with inoculations, but children must be immunized. Their typical dress is simple. They coat themselves with orange—brown clay that flakes off unevenly. The man in the photo has added brown paint mixed with clay in zig zag marks from the eyes and down the cheeks. His ceremonial dress is simple: mosses and a few sticks add foliage to his hair. Arm bands of mosses, ferns on his back and a bow and arrows complete his attire. The person on his left wears masses of mosses and twigs on his arms.
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