Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
The dancer on the left wears large chains from his neck to his feet. They are made from stems of Lygodium, a group of about 40 species of climbing ferns. All species have an elongate climbing rachis that has the capacity for indefinite growth often reaching lengths of several meters. It is uniform in diameter and extremely tough, wiry and durable. His headdress has white cockatoo feathers on each side of his head. A few crimped palm leaves hang from his back. His skirt of strips of dried leaves hangs to his knees. On the right, the dancer wears. The man on the right transforms himself symbolically into a bird. His head is topped with the extended neck of a large cassowary bird, a flightless bird. He wears a waist band—skirt with rolled plant leaves. Underneath he has a pair of westernized shorts. In his hand he carries questionable items, possibly dried testicles. His hair and part of his upper body are covered with body feathers from the large cassowary bird. On top of his head is a tower of feathers from various birds of paradise.
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