Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Villagers at Market. Purple and White Basket. Mountains in the Background.
Trobriand Group, Kumwegeia Village, Papua New Guinea
Color image of a group of villagers at the market. Goods are displayed on the ground below. There are fourteen visible people of varying ages wearing a mixture of both traditional and western style dress. Thatched roof structure/home in the background. Trees overhead.

A Kumewegeia villager opens her basket of items to be sold to the few tourists. At her feet is a large bailer shell (Melo amphora or Melo mitonis) that received the name from being used by many native fishermen around the world to bail water out of boats and canoes. Bailers are large carnivorous mollusks that feed on scallops, tritons and turban shells. In the "bride price" ceremony" a woman may wear the large bailer shell as a pendant. Behind them, a typical house of thatch roof and siding sits among the trees at the water's edge.
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