Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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An art village along the Middle Sepik River, possibly Timbunke, Mindibit or Tambanum, Papua New Guin
Underneath a Sepik River house sits a large unfinished garamut drum carved with human faces and fish. The side has hand prints and carved patterns. Each community has a large garamut drum to communicate with people in other villages. Each is carved from a large log that is hollowed out with a long slit running lengthwise along one side. The log is kept in a horizontal position with the slit in the top side, like the opening of a piggy bank. The garamut is pounded with a wooden club, resounding with a deep—toned booming signal that can be heard a great distance. They range from four to ten feet in length. Usually, they are elaborately carved with faces of ancestors, crocodiles, birds, scenes of warfare or village life.
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