Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Storytelling in Dance. Setup done Just for Our Group
Siassi Group, Aromot Island, Papua New Guinea
A group of traditionally dressed Papua New Guinea villagers dance with long wooden poles in their right hands. They are under a covered structure that is open on the side.

Aromot Island, one of the small islands of the Siassi group, in the Vitiaz Straits, has been called the Hong Kong of the South Pacific because it is crowded with people, pigs, and churches. They present a story—telling dance for visiting tourists. Young boys and girls paint their faces with white chalk and their shoulders and arms with yellow powder, probably turmeric. Endemic flowers of the season — orchids and frangipani or jasmine — decorate their headbands and bodies. Armbands are embellished with small fern plants. The boys carry decorated sticks as they dance and sing.
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