Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Snorkeling and BBQ, Villagers and Houses
Trobriand Group, Nuratu Island, Papua New Guinea
Color image of a village scene. Several houses with thatched roofs and young children are seen throughout the scene. A young girl wearing a red with white polka dot tunic along with another young boy stand out in the foreground.

The tour had a respite for a couple of hours to swim, snorkle and picnic on Nuratu Island of the Trobriand group. Afterwards, the villagers were happy for us to walk around and talk with them so that they could practice their few words of English. They spoke Tok Pisin as well as their own language, one of over 800 in Papua New Guinea. Most of the houses were raised on wood stilts so that the underneath space can be used for storage and animals. The thatch roofs and board walls are typical of the islands in the Milne bay. One house on the left has no under part for storage and animals. All are close together on Nuratu. The grounds between the houses are swept clean.
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