Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A close up of two Frigano women shows variation on their ceremonial attire. Each wears a tall headdress. The woman on the left wears two brow bands, one of white shells ground and polished to the same size, another of cassowary plumes, and a headband of yellow twines holding green wing coverings of iridescent scarab beetles. Her skullcap matches the white headband. Dyed cloth tassels hang from the headband. Her face is painted under eyes, on chin and upper lip. Necklaces have cowrie shells, black banana seeds, long white chiseled shells, and woven hibiscus strings. Leaves from plants hang from armbands. The second woman wears kina shells and blue head feathers of King of Saxony bird of paradise among orange feathers of bower birds.
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