Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Central figure of a mud man, a man painted white/grey with a grey mask over his head with slanted eyes and grinning mouth. Crowd of costumed dancers stand in the background behind the mud man. He walks holding a smaller mud man effigy in his left hand and holds the mask with his right hand.

In front center, a mud man from the Asaro region near Goroka in the Eastern Highlands covers his body with white clay and head with an outsize helmet that is molded over a cane and bark cloth framework. He carries a replica of a warrior in his left hand, a symbol of his success in battle. His mask, almost cartoon—like in its exaggerations, wears a smile. The mud that covers his mask and body is smeared over with large areas of red paint, signifying the blood of his wounded enemy. Each of the warriors is naked except for a small bikini—like cloth with various plant leaves hanging.
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