Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Housing with Palm Fronds on Roof
Trobriand Group, Kumwegeia Village, Papua New Guinea
Two structures, one solid structure rests raised on stilts and the other structure is more of a shelter with roof and one side closed to the elements. Propped on poles. Tall forests behind in the background.

Thatch dries on the roof top of the spare wood dwelling that is on stilts for the frequent times when water level rises and can inundate the shore. A thatched covering is held up by thin trunks of immature trees. It houses food supplies and domestic animals. Kumwegeia is a small village, on Kitawa Island, one of the small Trobriand Group, on the east coast of Milne Bay Province in the Solomon Sea. Islands in the Massim area are along the extreme southeastern tip of Papua New Guinea. The Trobriands were linked by the kula trading cycle. Hardwood carvings of Kiriwina were traded with pottery from the Amphlett Islands and greenstone blades from Muyna (Woodlark Island).
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