Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Town Stores
Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
Alotau Town Stores.

dirt road in the foreground with two buildings. Building on right has brown roof with sign that says "Our Bank", the other is a blue building and has a blue sign that says "Alotau Lik—Lik Store". Also has two coca—cola signs on the blue building. People come and go from the stores. Shrub in center with red flowers.

One flies to Milne Bay Province's main town, Alotau, to begin the cruise through any of more than 435 3 islands. Arrival in the sleepy town of Alotau on the northern shore of Milne Bay presents little more than a simple gravel roadway with a bank and a one—story store. The harbor is the main sightseeing area, with its one—man canoes, brightly painted island boats, work tugs, and passenger vessels. There, the Melanesian Discovery tour of September 1996 began its trip through the various island groups. As anticipated, whenever a ship came into the bay or anywhere, villagers set up a market on the ground or on tables with food, clothing, art objects, shells, foods, jewelry, and tools.

please note: this is the beginning of the trip towards the Sepik River and should not be called Goroka at all. All Goroka slides are only relative to the Goroka Festival. #342 is still mainland but should note that it is Milne Bay Province.
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