Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Huli Man of PNG Highlands
Papua New Guinea
Silver crested cockatoo's white feathers project out from sides of a man's head. King of Saxony bird of paradise head plumes encircle the dancer's face. They project from his nasal septum. He also wears them on a all headdress that has many feathers: red from Little King bird of paradise, tail feathers from both the black Astrapia bird of paradise bird and magpie. His necklace is a string of small cowrie shells above a breastplate of cuscus or tree kangaroo fur. Armbands and waist band have sprigs of yellow—dyed sprigs of dried river grasses. Wrist bands are from animal skins. His lower headband has white trade store beads on dyed pit pit cane. A second headband is a yellow and orange design constructed from dyed plant fibers. Multiple layers of small breast feathers and longer ones of both parrots and bower birds also have a ring of head feathers from the King of Saxony bird of paradise that also pierces his nose. Tail wires from the magnificent bird of paradise encircle his eyes, like eye glasses.
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