Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Suli Muli tribesmen live in Muramuni and other nearby villages near Wabag, the provincial capital of Enga, the highest and second most rugged province (after Simbu) in Papua New Guinea. Most of the men and some of the women save their hair to make large round wigs that are further decorated with leaves, bird feathers and tails of small animals. For ceremonies and celebrations, they paint their faces black. Necklaces are varied. Some wear all seeds or beads painted black. Others wear cowrie or nassarius shells. A few wear the opalescent kina shell below. Some wear all three and even add leaves. Tattooing of women is common and may be simple or cover the face, arms and body. Women in mourning cover their faces and bodies with dried mud. Brow bands are decorated with white beads or Job's tear seeds.
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