Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Birthing House in Background, Three Children, Steps for Going Up Into the House, Different Thatch Structure
Upper Sepik, Manam Island, "Murik Lakes" Region, Papua New Guinea
Image of a thatched roof with thatching on upper front above the door. A few children stand outside the house in the foreground. Forest in the background. Red sash tied to the front of the house.

A stairway made from a single board carved with triangulated steps for leading up to the first floor of a small stilted house is typical on Manam Island on the Upper Sepik River in the Murik River region. The crawl space, underneath the house and nearby, are tree trunks cut to the same length, for adding an extension or repairing a wall section to the house. The triangulated space above the one—story house remains open, possibly for storing food supplies.
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