Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Haus Tambaran Skulls of Chieftains; Extra Spaces
Mt. Hagen Village Market, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Interior of spirit house with two rows that have two round holes on each level. On the bottom row the holes in wall hold the skull of a former chieftain. Upper cavities are empty. Foliage both green and dry can be seen around the interior of the spirit house.

A close—up shows the interior of the spirit house of the Melpa (also called Medlpa or Medpa or Hageners) villagers in the Mt. Hagen area of the Western Highlands. On the top shelf, two sections are empty. On the shelf below, two skulls sit in their framed—in sections. People visit the skulls at time to communicate with the dead and at particular holidays venerating them.
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