Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Boy Selling at River's Edge Market, Baskets.
Lower Sepik, Angoram Village Market, Papua New Guinea
A young boy sits between two woven baskets with green leaf wrapped items stacked to the side of him and within the basket in front of him. Goods and boy sit on a white cloth on the ground. People's feet can be seen that stand next to and behind him.

Advanced warning to Angoram on the Lower Sepik River that a tour boat is approaching leads villagers to quickly set up a market of art artifacts, foods, and objects of possible interest to the visitors. A youth spreads out foods trimly packaged in bright green banana leaves from nearby trees. His baskets are woven by women. Many young large leaves from various palm and banana trees, such as the Pandanus palm, are cut and sliced into fine strips. Later, the weavers will produce basic mats or roll into ropes for other designs. These are used in materials for housing, clothing and textiles, or cut into straps for basket—weaving and mats.
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