Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
Members of this Highlands group include men and women dancing together. Men's headdresses have the human hair wigs but the styles vary. The man on the left wears a cuscus headdress, unlike the other dancers. This group wears some of the same facial paint colors as in other Highlands groups, but the designs are distinct to the tribe. From forehead to cheekbones, the face is bright red with a bright yellow line underneath. The cheekbones to the neck are painted dark black. Their bodies remain the natural brown color with a few splashes of reddish paint. White nassarius and kina shells adorn the neck line or hang as pendants. The skirts are made of pounded bark. Some are painted. Others are natural bark color. Arm bands are decorated with small plants. Large wigs — called "Enga head" or "peng lepa" are made from their own hair plus additional hair from the women family members. Each is further decorated with cuscus fur, shells and flowers. Their hour glass hollow log drums, kundu, are variously painted.
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