Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A Highlander stands with his back to his villagers waiting their turn to perform. In their hands each carries a kundu hour—glass shaped hollowed—out drum that is covered only at one end. Splotches of charcoal cover the shoulders. Their faces are individually painted with their traditional colors: a red face with splashes of yellow. Their beards remain black, unlike in other tribes who cover theirs with white clay or chalk. Their frontal aprons, made of hammered bark strips that are dyed blue or left white—tan, reach to their bare feet. On their backs, waistbands hold up layers of palm leaves. Headdresses vary but each performer tops his multiple layers with the long black tail feathers of the sicklebill. The man in front wears full wings of the sulphur—crested cockatoo and dried grasses. His wrist bands are pieces of cuscus mammal fur and his arm bands are covered with small leaves. The spray of palm leaves at his backside reaches from his waist to his knees, resembling the rear of a bird.
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